Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Expanding the Definition

Just the beginning of some thoughts in this area....

Education based on a limited definition of success will always create conditions in schools that promote some of the worst teaching and learning practices. Cheating, teaching for the test, and the elimination of minutes in the schedule for the arts and physical education are all by-products of a narrow vision of what excellence in education means. Currently, schools looking to grow their definition of success are meeting incredible external resistance. The process of overcoming this resistance requires a continuous conversation between students, staff, parent, and the greater community. 

Thoughts? Comments?


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  2. Amen. If we are bound by a culture of measurement, which I hope we are not, then we must ensure that our measurements assess a larger sector of the success and learning spectra. To do otherwise would be akin to using a tablespoon to measure the volume of the ocean and the life therein.